Monday GMTMonday EgyptWeekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Slave to the Rhythm Joe T Vannelli
1pm-3pm 3pm-5pmWeekly Club Chaos John D'Angelo
3pm-5pm 5pm-7pmWeekly Area 32Dave Johnson
5pm-7pm 7pm-9pmWeekly Cycles Radio Show Max Graham
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmWeeklyGrooveLandEd Ground
8pm-9pm 10pm-11pmWeekly let The Bass Kick Tiger & Dragon vs Droolotte Tasha
9pm-10pm 11pm-12amWeekly DOJO Sessions Oliver Lang
10pm-11pm12am-1amWeeklyEsta La MusicaGraham Gold
11pm-1am 1am-3amWeekly Defected in the House Defected DJs
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly CLR Radio Show Chris Liebing
2am-3am 4am-5amWeeklyDBN Loves Radio ShowDBN
3am-12pm 5am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's
Tuesday GMTTuesday EgyptWeekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-2pm 2pm-4pmWeekly House of Grooves Miss Kay Dee
2pm-3pm 4pm-5pmWeeklyOut PartyOutwork
3pm-4pm 5pm-6pmWeekly Mastermix Andrea Fiorino
4pm-6pm 6pm-8pmWeekly The Electrik Playground Andi Durrant
6pm-8pm 8pm-10pmWeekly Massive Dance Show Maltese Massive
8pm-10pm 10pm-12amWeeklyBassKickersBassKicker
10pm-12am12am-2amWeekly Music is the Drug Cory Biggs
12am-1am 2am-3amWeekly Nardino Radio Show! Luca Nardino
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly Elements 128 Mix Show Tazmania Records
2am-12pm 4am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's

Wednesday GMT

Wednesday Egypt

Weekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Essencial Music Fabio Cunha
1pm-2pm 3pm-4pmWeekly Heroes Radio Show Delayers
2pm-3pm 4pm-5pmWeekly Kings of Spins Mikey Gallagher
3pm-4pm 5pm-6pmWeekly Blind Spot Radio Show Dr Hoffmann
4pm-5pm 6pm-7pmWeekly Funkin' Deep Durtysoxxx
5pm-6pm 7pm-8pmWeeklyClublandDanny Jeff
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmWeekly Elektronic Force Marco Bailey
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmWeekly New York Mix Show Amathus
8pm-9pm 10pm-11pmWeekly Chicago House Show Guest DJs
9pm-10pm11pm-12amWeekly Dropped Radio Show Premeson
10pm-12am12am-2amWeeklyNatural Essence House ShowFemi Natural Essence
12am-1am 2am-3amWeekly Daddy's Groove Radio Show Daddy's Groove
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly Let's go Techno Eric Sneo
2am-12pm 4am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's

Thursday GMT

Thursday Egypt

Weekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Slam Radio Slam
1pm-2pm 3pm-4pmWeekly Systematic Session Marc Romboy
2pm-3pm 4pm-5pmWeekly Unleash The Beat Jes
3pm-4pm 5pm-6pmWeekly Suara Podcats Coyu
4pm-5pm 6pm-7pmWeekly D.O.N.S.D.O.N.S.
5pm-7pm 7pm-9pmWeekly Essential HouseAntony Angell
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmWeekly The U.K. House SessionsNeil McCall
8pm-9pm 10pm-11pmWeekly Get Your Free ConFree Con
9pm-10pm11pm-12amWeekly Tronic Radio Show Christian Smith
10pm-11pm12am-1amWeekly Jesse Voorn Jesse Voorn
11pm-12am 1am-2am 1st Week of Month Klass Action K-Klass
11pm-12am 1am-2am 2nd/3rd Week White Noise Dave Clarke
11pm-12am 1am-2am 4th Week of Month Nick Fiorucci ZipCAST
12am-1am 2am-3amWeekly Laurent Schark Selection Laurent Schark
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly Felix Krocher Felix Krocher
2am-3am 4am-5amWeekly Amazing Show Promiseland
3am-12pm 4am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's
Friday GMT Friday EgyptWeekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Club Edition Stefano Noferini
1pm-2pm 3pm-4pmWeekly Fast ForwardAdam Nics
2pm-3pm 4pm-5pmWeekly Timeline Radio Show Merk & Kremont
3pm-4pm 5pm-6pmWeekly I'll House You Radio Show Nari & Milani
4pm-5pm 6pm-7pmWeekly Pulsate Pete Farmer
5pm-6pm 7pm-8pmWeekly At A-Trains HouseA-Train
6pm-8pm 8pm-10pmWeekly Magic Island Roger Shar
8pm-9pm 10pm-11pmWeekly Live Scorch Felix
9pm-10pm11pm-12amWeekly Arcadia on Air Fergie DJ
10pm-12am12am-2amWeekly Hed KandiVarious Presenters
12am-1am 2am-3amWeekly Stereo Productions Chus & Ceballos
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly Transmissions Boris
2am-3am 4am-5amWeekly Big Hooters Radio Show The Night Owls
3am-12pm 5am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's
Saturday GMT Saturday EgyptWeekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Rhythm Converted Tom Hades
1pm-4pm 3pm-6pmWeekly Anthems Dave Pearce
4pm-5pm 6pm-7pmWeekly Behind The Iron Curtain Umek
5pm-6pm 7pm-8pmWeekly Lip LockedAnna Kiss
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmMonthly 1st Sat KissyKlub Kissy Sellout
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmMonthly 2nd Sat One Hour With... Chris Gekä
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmMonthly 3rd Sat Radio Therapy Dave Seaman
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmMonthly 4th SatHookedNick Hook
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmMonthly 1st Sat Clapcast Claptone
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmMonthly 2nd Sat Sintillate Debbie Mac
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmMonthly 3rd Sat Ulybug Jonathan Ulysses
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmMonthly 4th Sat Noir Noir
8pm-9pm 10pm-11pmWeekly Infinity Radio Lucien Foort
9pm-10pm11pm-12amWeekly 21st Century House Music Yousef
10pm-12am 12am-2amMonthly 1st Sat Rampling & Rampling Danny Rampling
10pm-12am 12am-2amMonthly 2nd Sat Club Culture Radio Show Boy George
10pm-12am 12am-2amMonthly 3rd Sat Global Network Pete Gooding
10pm-12am 12am-2am Monthly 4th Sat New Show Starting New Show Starting
12am-1am 2am-3amWeekly Futuristic Polar Bears Futuristic Polar Bears
1am-2am 3am-4amWeekly Cristian Varela Radio Show Cristian Varela
2am-4am 4am-6amWeekly Fierce AngelMark Doyle
4am-12pm 6am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's
Sunday GMTSunday EgyptWeekly / MonthlyShowDJ
12pm-1pm 2pm-3pmWeekly Alleanza Radio Show Jewel Kid
1pm-3pm 3pm-5pmWeekly Out To LunchIain McKenzie n Friends
3pm-4pm 5pm-6pmWeekly 1605 Umek
4pm-6pm 6pm-8pmWeekly Big Love Radio Seamus Haji
6pm-7pm 8pm-9pmWeekly Bliss Radio Show Sister Bliss
7pm-8pm 9pm-10pmWeekly Sun:Sets Chicane
8pm-10pm 10pm-12amWeekly House CallGrant Nelson
10pm-12am12am-2amWeekly Ministry of SoundMinistry of Sound
12am-2am 2am-4amWeekly This Is Graeme ParkGraeme Park
2am-4am 4am-6amWeekly Vonyc Sessions Paul Van Dyk
4am-12pm 6am-2pmWeekly Random Shows Various DJ's

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